Where is Teeeeddyyyy?

Where is Teeeeddyyyy?

That’s the question I’m most frequently asked whenever I walk into my third and fourth graders’ class. You see, Teddy is one of the cutest and cuddliest mascots of all time and happens to be my loyal helper every time I teach my first and second graders. However, when time comes for them to move up to other grades , they never seem ready to completely let him go! They always expect a visit from him every now and then!

For the record, Teddy lives in the English cupboard that’s inside the teacher’s office in my school. He goes to sleep in the summer and wakes up every September to help me out with my teaching. He makes learning fun and he is a joy to watch him sit patiently on my desk waiting for his turn to join the activities. Teddy’s presence increases the children’s engagement and motivation because who wouldn’t want a cuddly plush toy on their team?

After six years , Teddy had started feeling a bit lonely, so I decided to introduce him to a new friend: Freddy! Well, word spread around the school pretty fast and most of my students knew that a new  mascot was in town! So, Freddy got a proper introduction to all my classes and got his place next to Teddy on my desk!


I love my mascots but most importantly I love my student’s love for them!


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