Days of the week

Teaching 2nd graders can be a challenge, especially when it comes to introducing new concepts like the days of the week. With a bit of creativity and patience they can learn them by heart. Here’s how:

I love using songs which are a fantastic way to engage young minds and reinforce learning anyway. I have found a couple of catchy songs that incorporate movement and I always encourage my students to sing along and dance at the same time! The first song is The 7 days of the week by The Learning Station.

The second song is Days of the week by Planet Pop by ELT songs, which my students absolutely love!

The lesson ends with me handing out this worksheet I made, which can be turned into an 8-page booklet (I’ll leave the download link at the end of this post):

If you don’t know how to turn an A4 paper into a booklet, you can watch this video:

Of course, consistent review is the key to solidifying learning. Take time at the beginning or end of each lesson to review the days of the week with your students. You can incorporate quick quizzes, memory games, or other activities as well.

Credits: AnnaRapti

You can download the worksheet for the 8-page booklet here.


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